Roberts Boat Dealer

We can find the exact part you need and ship it to you, no matter what model Bridgeport you have.

We are available to do on-site troubleshooting at your residential or commercial property in New York City.

Check with us to see how our prices compare, when you need a ball screw repair or lathe repair.

If you have not kept your pumps and motors properly maintained, you could suffer catastrophic losses to your computers, office supplies, and client information.

If you get hit by another boat and you need your boat hull repaired, call us right away.

We can fix just about any motor for any piece of equipment you might have.

Making sure your building is safe in any type of storm is important to us.

We are proud to say that we excel in repairing milling equipment.

We can repair just about any type of controlling mechanism for your pumps or your motors.

If your boat motor is scaring away the fish, you need to bring it in for service.

We are able to supply custom parts since we have a fully stocked machine shop available.

Be sure to have your fire sprinklers inspected and working at their best to ensure the safety of your building and employees.

Winterizing and shrink wrapping your boat is a service we can do at the end of the season.

If you manage a building in New York City, you understand the importance of keeping all of your systems maintained and calling for help when you need service.

Building superintendents are big customers of ours because we have all the equipment they need.

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